Frequently Asked Questions

No! You do not need to have any diving experience. 

You are only a few centimeters under water when you go Shark Cage Diving as the Cage floats above the surface of the Sea.



The cage floats above the surface of the sea. You can easily stand inside the Cage. 

There is a bar that is within the Cage for you to hold onto. When the Great White Shark comes past a guide will call 'DOWN' and you can pull yourself underneath the water using the inside crossbar and help you keep yourself under the water until you need to take your next breath of air. By then the Shark would have past the cage and you will get ready for the next passing.


The view from the Boat is JUST AS GOOD if not BETTER sometimes from the Boat than in the Cage. So do no miss out because you do not want to get into a wetsuit and get in the cold water. 

As the name suggests, FAQs are the most common questions users ask. This is where you can give them a direct and accurate answer rather than asking them to open a ticket for every minute query.

You do not have to go Shark Cage Diving and get into a wetsuit to see the Great White Sharks. The view from the Boat is just as good if not better sometimes than the cage as the sea visibility can be poor sometimes.

Peak season is from March to September.


Shark are around all year round. But January month is when Sharks are least active.

The cage is made to easily fit a person standing very comfortabley. The cage floats above the surface of the sea. Your head / shoulders will be above the sea while the rest of your body will be underneath the sea while you are protected by the cage. 

Bring the following to your Shark Diving Experience -

Sun Cap
Sun Glasses ( Polarized works best )
Waterproof / Windbreaker Jacket
Sun Screen
Costume (If you want to go in the Cage. Preferably put this on underneath your clothes before arriving at the office to make changing easier)
Batteries for your camera
Comfortable Shoes

The Boat's used is a Motorised Catamaran that makes it very stable on the sea. 

Yes the Boats are safe. They are inspected as per Marine Safety Law and has to pass strict checks regularly. 

The trips are 4 hour's long with orientation included.

It is not the natural behavior for a Great White Shark to attack a cage just like a lion does not attack a car when on Safari. 

Great White Sharks can range anything from 2.5 - 5 meters long. 

In Peak season between May and August there can be up to 10 sharks around the cage. 

Cage Diving is always weather dependent and depends on the sea conditions of the day. This is not always possible with all trips. The decision to go Cage Dive is only made by the Skipper when the boat reaches the island. Your safety comes 1st and foremost. This happens very rarely but the sea conditions can change when out at sea. 

No refunds are given. Only a voucher is given to go again. So PLEASE plan a few days to go Shark Cage Diving just in case the weather does not allow the boat to go out or there is no Shark's on your trip. 

This is a possibility to see other Marine Life like Cape Fur Seals, Penguins, Brydes Whales, Southern Righ Whales ( Seasonal: June - December), Humpback Whales and Marine Bird Life. 

Transport can be arranged. Please email us on [email protected] to get a quote. 

Definitely. As long as they are accompanied by Adults. No children are allowed in the Cage from 12 and under.

Not at all as you can easily hold yourself above and below the water with the assistance of a Metal Crossbar that's within the cage. 

The sea temperature in Winter can be anything from 9 degrees to 19 degrees. 7 Millimeter wetsuits are provided. 

The sea temperatures can be up to 19 degrees in summer. 

It is VERY SAFE to go inside the Cage!!

Generally is the HOLD and DUCK method that is used. So you take a deep breath before the Shark approaches the cage and you go under and you will have enough breath to see the Great White Shark swim passed the cage before you have to go back up for your next breath. 

No. Everything is provided for you. 

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