R2050 / person

Photo Friendly

3 - 4 Hours

Gear Provided


Mossel Bay is a Harbour Town with about 130 000 people which is situated on the Garden Route on the East Coast of the Western Cape, South Africa. It is about 4.5 hours from Cape Town City Centre to Mossel Bay and 400km west of Port Elizabeth . which is the largest city in the Eastern Cape Province. Mossel Bay is a very important Tourist and Farming Region of the Western Cape Province. The older parts of Mossel Bay occupy the North  Facing side of Cape St Blaize Peninsula, while the newer parts have spread eastwards along the Shores of the Bay. 

The town relies heavily upon Tourism, fishing, farming and the commercial harbour which is the smallest in the Transnet Port Authority stable of South African Commercial harbour's until there was a discovery of Natural Offshore gas fields in 1969 which led to the development of a gas to liquids refinery which is operated by PetroSA.


Family Friendly

All Children are welcome to go Shark Cage Diving / Boat-based Great White Shark Watching. As long as they are accompanied by Adults. No children 12 and under are allowed in the Cage.


Where is Mossel Bay?

Mossel Bay is a 4.5 hour drive from Cape Town City Centre on the Garden Route ( East Coast of the Western Cape, South Africa) 


The Great White Sharks are in South Africa 365 days of the year. Peak Season is from June to end of August

Professional Guide

The friendly staff on the boat are all qualified guides and the boat is Skippered by a very experienced qualified Skipper and a paramedic on board. 

Photo Friendly

This is an understatement, to say the least. Imagine getting a Great White Shark looking at you with its gaping jaws open in front of you or a Great White Shark Breaching. Definitely bring a Camera and Go Pro. Drones are allowed subject to prior arrangements. 

Weather Dependant

All trips are weather dependent and can be CANCELLED at a moments notice. Your safety comes 1st and foremost.

What to Bring?

Sunblock - Factor 50 minimum
Sunglasses - Polarized
Warm Waterproof Jacket
Swimsuit - Put your swimsuit underneath the clothes you are wearing before arriving, as this makes changing into the wetsuit far easier.
Go Pro
Drones - Only by prior arrangement with management


Wheel Chair Friendly

All are welcome to join this AMAZING experience. Prior arrangements must be made if you would like to go inside the cage. This is subject to certain conditions as to the severity of the disability and if the Guest can be controlled SAFELY inside the cage. Otherwise, the view from the boat is JUST as amazing to see Great White Sharks. 

Packages Available

We do offer 2 - 10 day White Pointer Experience packages if you are interested. Please email us for more details.


Does this look like fun? Enquire today!


See below details of what you can expect on the day of your Shark Cage Diving Experience. 

Morning or Afternoon Trip

Please arrive at the Office 1 hour before your Great White Shark Experience Departs


You can pay by Cash or Credit Card on Arrival. We do require your Credit Card details to secure your booking. Your, Credit Card, will not be debited. It is only for security purposes in the event of 'NO SHOWS'.


After you arrive you will have a brief orientation of what you can expect on your Trip  

Breakfast / Lunch

You will be served with a small Continental Breakfast or light Lunch while orientation takes place. 

Make your Way to the Harbor

You will be escorted to the Harbor where you will board the Shark Boat for launching. 

8 - 10 minute Boat ride to the Island

There is a 15 - 20-minute boat ride to the island before the boat anchors to lower the Shark Cage. 

Anchor the Boat

The Skipper will anchor the boat and the friendly staff will lower the Cage into the sea while guests get into their wetsuit (Advisable to wear your costume underneath your clothes before getting on the boat) that is provided before getting inside the Cage. For those that do not want to get in the cage, the viewing is just as good from the boat

Cage Diving / Great White Shark Watching

You will have an opportunity to enter the cage for 15 - 20 minutes at a time where you will be rotated so everyone that would like to enter the cage may get a chance to do so. For the others that do not get inside the cage, they can view everything from the boat as this is just as good on the boat. You will be out on the sea for about 3 - 4 hours

Return to the Harbor

After you have had an AMAZING experience with Great White Sharks, you will return to the Harbour and to the office, where you can freshen up and watch a video of your Trip, which you can purchase, while having some tea, coffee, and some snacks to warm you up before you make your way to the next adventure in South Africa. 

Does this look like fun? Enquire today!


Pricing are subject to change without prior notice. For Groups of 10 or more please email us for a discounted rate. 


Free Trial



R1500/ 4 to 11 years old

3 - 4 hour trip

Includes Small Breakfast / Lunch

optional video for R250/person

Wetsuit & Diving Equipment Included



3 - 4 hour trip

Includes Small Breakfast / Lunch

optional video for R250/person

Wetsuit & Diving Equipment Included


R2750/from 12 years old

3 - 4 hour trip

Includes Small Breakfast / Lunch

optional video for R250/person

Wetsuit & Diving Equipment Included

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“Looking for a trip of a life time. This is certainly it. What an AMAZING adventure. Would recommend this to anyone that loves the outdoors and love nature. These creatures are awe-inspiring and incredible ”

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Do you want to finest shark cage diving Mossel Bay experience? You can rely on Shark Cage Diving to make the experience thoroughly enjoyable and safe. We offer a family friendly cage diving opportunity for our customers. Our professional guides, experienced skipper and paramedic team make your trip amazingly entertaining with clear focus on safety.

When you choose our white shark cage diving Mossel Bay package, you can take photographs of sharks within a striking distance. You can also find our services wheelchair friendly. We offer various types of packages ranging between 2 and 10 days and you can choose the most suitable one based on your convenience and budget.

All our packages are highly affordable. We put forward a well thought out tour itinerary to deliver the best experience for our customers.

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